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Entry #2

How to take care of a kitten

2009-09-10 21:25:35 by Sonicthenothedgehog

Hello I am Going to teach you how to take care of a kitten.
1. [getting a kitten.] Bring the kitten into youre car.
If the ride home is hours away Get a Spoon full of Kitty food,
And give it to the cat in the seat next to you.
Make sure to lock the doors and windows.
2.[Keeping it out of under you're bed.]
Have alot of pellows? good! You will need'em!
Go get your'e pellows and bring them into you're room.
Put two large stacks of pillows around youre bed that way you're
Kitten won't go under the bed.
Want more info? Wait for part 2!


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2009-12-21 23:19:44

but then u need to go buy more pillows,pillows nowadays cost hellva lot of money,but stiil good idea at least its not the couch,then u really have problem,buy a scratch post.well that would actully encourage him/her to claw at things.keep any aquarium out of reach of kitty at all times,hehe lol,no im serious really.change his litter box every day